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Use Monogrammed Note Pads During Art Classes

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Monogrammed note pads that contain your elementary school art students' initials can be used during classroom instructional sessions that introduce various art materials. Purchase standard note pads and furnish some supplies that can be used during a lesson.

Mat-Framed Monograms

Pass out the monogrammed note pads and inform the students that the pads are for them to keep and that the classroom instructions are going to require that the students use some of the sheets of paper that are contained in their pads.

Set pots of paint, gold foil, adhesive, embossing power, a handheld dryer, and application tools on a table that is near the front of the room. Demonstrate how to use each of these art materials to enhance monogrammed lettering. If the students choose to use gold foil or embossing ink to highlight their monogrammed letters, aid the pupils in applying either art material and using the dryer to activate the embossing ink.

Tell your pupils that once they have finished decorating their monogrammed sheets that you will be using mat framing to outline the artwork. Use the finished creations to create a wall display. 

Mosaic Supply Holders

Wash out and dry some empty coffee or peanut cans. Inform the students that they will each be using one of their monogrammed sheets to create a mosaic that will be secured to the exterior of a personal supply holder. Direct the students to use glue or tape to secure a sheet of construction paper across a holder's surface.

Help the children determine how many pieces to use for their mosaic designs and guide them in cutting the monogrammed letters into pieces that contain rounded or jagged edges. Demonstrate how to use a narrow brush and adhesive to secure the pieces onto a construction paper background. During the application process, the students will observe lettering that contains a small gap in between each set of pieces that are adjacent to one another.

After the adhesive has dried, use a clear sealant as a top coat for the holder's surface. Brush the sealant across the monogrammed lettering. Pass out the remaining cans and allow your students to decorate them with the mosaic theme that you have introduced. Once the holder project is complete, supply your students with pencils, pens, paintbrushes, and other hand utensils and tell them to fill their personal holders with the materials. 

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