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Use Hand-Dyed Yarn To Create Wall Art

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Hand-dyed yarn products are produced with a painting or kettle-cooking process. Custom colors are added to yarn strands and a skein of yarn may contain slight shade variations. Hand-dyed yarn can be used to create wall art for your classroom. The original colors and ombre effect that some strands possess will make the artwork pieces unique from one another.

A Targeted Dyeing Process

Yarn products that are manufactured in a plant setting are dyed using a systematic approach. Dye is used to cover yarn strands evenly, and a heated vessel may be used to apply and develop the color that is being added to yarn. Hand-dyed yarn products tend to be created in small batches and involve brushing the color onto strands or using a kettle to apply the color. With either approach, a steam or cooking process may be used to set the color that is being added.

Some Crafting Tips

Hand-dyed yarns can be used to make clothing, blankets, and a variety of decorative craft items. Inconsistencies in colors can make a garment or craft look unique. Purchase several colors of yarn that you would like to use to create wall art. An artisan craft shop, a big box store, or a craft retailer may sell hand-dyed yarn products.

If you are going to get your students involved in the art project, purchase multiple skeins of yarn that are the same color. Yarn strands can be secured to canvas or card stock. Purchase an all-purpose adhesive that dries clear. Provide your students with scissors, if they will each be responsible for cutting strands of yarn that will be affixed to a canvas or card stock backdrop.

A Sample Project

If you are curious how a finished piece of artwork may enhance one of the walls in your classroom, complete a sample project. Use a pencil to sketch the design that you will be adding to the canvas or cardstock. Use your drawing as a guide to determine how long each piece of yarn should be.

Apply pieces of yarn separately and align the pieces closely together. As you progress, you may be inspired to use specific yarn color combinations, to add more dimension or detail to the artwork. Once you have finished the project, allow time for the glue to dry. The artwork can be stapled to the wall or you can use a picture hanging kit to secure it.